Rhyming Things

Why is he my enemy?
Why is he my enemy?
That man that looks the same as me
The clothes we wear are much alike
And we both ride a motorbike
We each think ourselves the cream
Of the worlds motorcycle scene
We drink in similar biker bars
Our music tastes not far apart...
Punch for punch and pound for pound
With head held high we stand our ground
The same, for all the world to see
So why is he my enemy?
Why is he my enemy?
That man that talks the same as me
Of battles fought and epic rides
Of conquered women, truth and lies
Of loyalty and brotherhood
And motorcycles bad and good
Of wheels and tyres and oil leaks
Or exhaust pipes and custom seats
We talk of sex and drugs and beer
To all the world outside its clear
I could be him or he be me
So why is he my enemy?
Why is he my enemy?
That man that thinks the same as me
Who needs no god to guide his way
Won’t be told what to do or say
Who just wants to be left alone
To live the life that is his own
We independent misfit kind
Are bound to others of same mind
In defence from that world outside
That wouldn’t care if we all died
Who hate all those that would be free
So why is he my enemy?
I know why he’s my enemy
That man that is the same as me
It’s just the words upon his back
And how ridiculous is that
So wonderful would be the sight
Should all the one percent unite
To ride free for eternity
Legion for all the world to see
That roar would echo down through time
Though it’s all just a dream of mine
At least I know that man I see
Is not really my enemy
© 2014 TBone Jones

The angry live their lives in hate
The patient hopeful sit and wait
The single mother’s gentle sigh
The old recalling days gone by
In teenage angst young lovers cry
The divorced mourn a love that died
The human heart a fragile thing
It suffers most what life does bring...
But loneliest above them all
Is when despite ourselves we fall
Head over heels struck from above
And suffer unrequited love
© 2013 TBone Jones
How the hell did they get in
The thieving bastards came and went
They didn't even make a sound
I would have heard, I was around
I had the windows tightly shut
All the doors were double locked
No one else has got a key
Alarm codes only known to me
And yet they almost cleared me out
Oh I'll get by without a doubt...
But its so strange i couldn't see
Where they got in to steal from me
No broken glass or damage done
In fact there's only one thing gone
Of course that one thing had to be
The thing that meant the most to me
They could have had my cash and gold
TV's and other stuff untold
But no, and here's the awful truth
The thieving bastards stole my youth
(C) 2013 TBone Jones
I Met A Girl
I met a girl so young and fair
With deepest eyes and golden hair
All down her back it flowed so long
She filled my heart with love and song
Her slender body strong and firm
Made butterflies inside me turn
And in that body so divine
There beats a heart of love sublime...
A heart with so much love to give
Only a fool would want to live
And not share in her tenderness
Or feel the touch of her caress
That such a beauty knows my name
Causes in me such a flame
The like of which I've never known
In all the years since I was born
Her tender heart that trusts in me
And let me past her wall to see
That fragile love and purest soul
Now the most precious gift I hold
And hold it safe I truly will
I'll cause no pain or do no ill
I'll tell no lie and cause no strife
On this I swear with all my life
Despite the cards that fate has dealt
A sweeter love I've never felt
So when my time on earth is through
I'll be at peace now I've known you.
(C) 2013 TBone Jones



I've got a girl who loves me
I've got a girl I wed
I've got a girl who cooks for me
A girl who's good in bed
I've got a girl to talk to
And my life is complete
So I'll count my blessings
And hope they don't all meet.
(C) 2013 TBone Jones



It's hard to find someone to trust
Someone who's always there
To listen to your troubles
And who'll genuinely care
Someone who will support you
And help you to be strong
But who will always tell you
If sometimes you are wrong
A friend who will defend you
When the world is closing in...
And protect you so the bad in life
Can never hope to winSomeone to share your secrets with
Without need to explain
Who'll never ever judge you
Or expect you to feel shame
Someone you can laugh with
Or behave just like a child
Who'll understand your mood
When you are angry sad or wild
Someone to share a coffee with
Or treat you when you're poor
Someone to lay and cuddle with
Who'll never ask for more
It hard to find a friend like that
Some people never do
And I'm forever blessed to have found
Such a friend in you.
(C) 2013 TBone Jones
Sons Of Hell
To a man they would be king
In need of little save something
To eat and drink and smoke and ride
Young men hearts bursting with pride
These motorcycle superstars
Who flying colours travelled far
Would fight and fuck and fight some more
Held scant regard for peace and law...
With boot and fist and blade and chain
Laid waste and left all foes in pain
A lifetime riding with the pack
And Sons Of Hell upon their back
In denim rancid aged and torn
All soaked in oil and blood and scorn
This hoard from hell with thunderous roar
Would swarm and strike in lust of war
With havoc cries and flash of steel
These war dogs fierce would spin and reel
In dance macabre the music, screams
Of broken bones and broken dreams
Till once again the battle won
And engines singing demons song
They roar away into the night
Then gathered safe review the fight
Amid the laughter smoke and beer
The Sons Of Hell deride and jeer
Those would be warriors acting tough
Who turned out nowhere good enough
To wear the hallowed one percent
Not understanding what it meant
Deservedly they crashed and burned
In violence painful lesson learned
Meanwhile the Sons Of Hell drink on
Till all semblance of sense is gone
Soon laughter drugs and alcohol
Will sooth the soul behind the wall
That each erects in self defence
From living lives of violence
Now those among us turning grey
We are the ones who paved the way
These thirty years gone by and more
Still full of fight we fear no war
We look around and know with pride
These younger men with whom we ride
Will keep our legacy alive
The Sons Of Hell, born to survive
(c) 2014 TBone Jones
Where have all the children gone
They were there when I was young
I used to see them every day
As up and down the streets we'd play
On tricycle's and wooden carts
From old pram wheels and other parts
And countless games of let's pretend
Filled days that never seemed to end...
Cuts and bruises, grazing knees
Falling out of apple trees
Daisy chains under the sun
Or snowmen built for winter fun
Collecting tadpoles in glass jars
Conker fights in the school yard
The years on innocence were long
Now where have all the children gone
Childhood now a fleeting thing
With barely time to laugh and sing
Before the media has its say
To show the kids a different way
And tells them that they have to be
Like some obscure celebrity
Too soon believing they have grown
And having children of their own
Losing the freedom of their teens
That's meant to bridge the gap between
The childhood years and adulthood
From such a loss can come no good
The body may be almost grown
But it's the brain that's still too young
Emotionally I'll equipped
To live adult relationships
TV and glossy magazines
Erode innocent childhood dreams
And unrestricted Internet
Make small the generation gap
So let the children play and run
Their innocence won't last for long
And thankful I will always be
That I grew in naivety
(C) 2013 TBone Jones